Thursday, 2 October 2008

Some Aussie Counrty Photos for You to Enjoy!

The Cottage

We have just spent a wonderful weekend away in the country, in a gorgeous little timber cottage right near the river.

river Australia
Here is a pic of the kookaburra that insisted on making it's presence known to everyone! If you know what I mean!
Australia Kookaburra
The kangaroos came out each evening around dinner time. I managed to snap a few photos of them whilst they were concerned about a noise somewhere else. One of the roos here has a joey safely tucked inside her pouch. It must be a fairly large joey seeing how low her pouch is sitting!

Australia Kangaroos

Australia Kangaroos Joey pouch
A pair of blue wrens kept gracing us with their presence too! The male (the bright blue one) was very difficult to photograph as he was constantly moving, but the female wren was more than happy to pose for the camera it seemed! In the last photo she was less than a meter away from me.
Blue Wrens pair

Blue wren male

Blue wren female

I hope you have enjoyed the break from my usual posts and your mini Australian tour!
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  1. They are fab pictures the birds are so bright!

  2. fab pictures x x

  3. Oh thank you so much for sharing those awesome photos, I adore Australia and never tire of it ever!

  4. Gorgeous photos, looks like a fantastic place.

    Snaggles xx

  5. Wowza ... such lovely photos would make a cracking scrapbook.

  6. Thank you ladies.

    Max are you volunteering to do that for me????


  7. Suh beautiful photos you have shared with us. Fancy going there myself! xx

  8. Thanks Sequin. You are welcome anytime! Just give me a call.


  9. If you can wait until after the New Year (when things will be quieter and hopefully health will be better), then I would be pleased to do them for you, but you would probably make a better job yourself.


  10. thanks for the tour. great pics and looking forward to seeing your sewing. Like your blog name, great play on words. I like how you do all sorts of crafts. Me too.
    come visit me,
    I'm off to sew now some more aprons.


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