Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Little Miss Easter Bunnies

I have been busy creating a family of little bunnies using my embroidery machine. These little cuties are made in one hooping and only require a small opening hand sewn up at the end.

They are my original design so the design is not able to be purchased yet. The white and pink rabbits are made from minky dot fleece and the orange one is from a stretch toweling. The toweling one makes for a lovely wash cloth come bath toy.

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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Aussie Chinese Wedding

We went to a wedding recently and it was a lovely combined Australian/Chinese celebration. It was very hot and the groom fainted due to the heat. Thankfully he recovered very quickly and was whisking his beautiful bride across the dance floor just a few hours later.

In Chinese culture it is traditional to give a red envelope with cash for the wedding gift. So in keeping with this and adding my own little twist I tried to come up with something special for the happy couple they could use as a keepsake later on.

I have been dabbling my hand at digitizing machine embroidery and designed an embroidered red satin envelope made completely in the hoop with no raw edges inside. For the couples privacy I have blurred out their names.The Love symbol is not mine but came from The satin fabric with gold embroidery is beautiful but unfortunately I could not get it to show up very well in the photos.

Embroidered Satin envelope front

Chinese red satin embroidered envelope bac

I also made the card with some plain white card and an embossing folder. Glued on some pretty rhinestones and finished with ribbon and cute FSL ( free standing lace) hearts from

Wedding card with FSL hearts

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