Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Craft Projects Using Non-Stick Baking Paper

I often have spurts of creative energy (usually late at night) and then find I don't actually have a specific item or two that I require. So this is where I find my pantry and invaluable resource, before heading off to the local craft store.

One of my most used pantry supplies is
non-stick baking or cooking paper. It is not the same as waxed or freezer paper. I am unsure or the name of this paper outside of Australia (maybe one of you can help me here). All I can tell you is that is the same on both sides, has a slight glossy feel, and most importantly does not stick.

Non-stick ironing paper for iron-on interfacing

Here is what I have done with baking paper:

  1. Use as a paper non-stick pressing cloth when applying on iron-on interfacing. Place it underneath and on top of your fabric. It can be reused countless times.
  2. Use in place of vellum. Not quite as thick, but great at a push. See my Lickable Valentine's Day card made with it.
  3. Make envelopes for handmade cards. It is lovely and enticing to see the card through the paper.
  4. Great as a gluing surface mat under your work as it is non-stick.
  5. Make beautiful butterflies with the paper and pipe cleaners (chenille sticks)
  6. Make food safe gift bags for home baked goodies.Directions coming soon.
  7. Origami sachets for tiny notes, gifts or potpourri.
I will add to this list as I find more. What have you used non-stick paper for? Add your comments below.
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Tuesday, 29 January 2008


I've just been tagged by Heather's Heartfelt Stitches.

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I am quiet, short, honest, thrifty, a collector of many things, determined, and an animal lover.

I have tagged these creative people:

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Others coming shortly! If you would like me to tag you, leave a comment.
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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Crafts Beautiful Magazine Valentine's Day Challenge

I thought I would share with you the card I made for the Valentine's Day card challenge over at Crafts Beautiful. The only restrictions were to not use pink or red.

Well since I had been making some yummy chocolates yesterday, it just seemed to me that adding a chocolate component would be well Soooo Delicious!!! Actually SewDelish!(pardon the pun)

Anyway with a little bit of melted chocolate, a paintbrush and a mini ziplock bag I produced this...

Valentine's Day Lickable Card

It is a lickable card!

All the hearts are edible and the rest of the card is designed to be a keepsake. The paper that the chocolate is on is foodsafe too, so no worries there. (My secret is baking paper - which has a vellum look to it)

There are little forget-me-not type flowers on the large heart. Not that my DH is likely to forget me, but I just thought them appropriate. The hearts are made from dark chocolate and the leaves and flowers are coloured white chocolate!

MMMMMMM! not sure if this will actually make it to Valentine's Day. It might just melt in this Aussie weather, don't you think? ........especially if it is in my mouth!
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Monday, 21 January 2008

Fiskars Scissor Sharpener

I have tried lots of methods to sharpen scissors, most made the blades even more blunt! Tin foil and fine grade sand paper are just not worth wasting my time or stress levels on as they don't work. So I decided to give my scissor sharpening gadget a go, even though I have had it for a few months now.

Fiskars Scissors Sharpener Sew Sharp

I tried my Fiskars scissor sharpener on a very old pair of scissors, almost destined for the bin, that have seen better days and have been used to cut anything from fabric, packing tape, paper and plastic! Yes, I know, lots of naughties here, but this pair are for general family use. No-One touches my fabric and sewing scissors but ME or I WILL BITE!
hehehe..... well maybe growl!

Sharpen Scissors with Fiskars Sew Sharp

This sharpener is a definite must have in my opinion. It was awkward learning to use it by the method described as the blades kept getting stuck on the ceramic rod, however after a small amount of perseverance and a little method tweaking I found success. Rather than drawing the sharpener away from you it is easier to pull it toward you as the scissors open, giving you far more control. It also sharpens both blades with the one action. The dodgy old scissors are now just like new. I can even cut fabric with them again. Something they have not done in a long while. I can even take the lock off my sewing box now!

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Friday, 18 January 2008

Free Download My Rag Quilt Instructions

Make Rag Quilt Pattern Instructions SewDelish Shabby Chic

I have managed to make my rag quilt directions into a file that you can download and print for FREE. It also has a blank table for you to design your own pattern. Please let me know what you think. If by some chance you find any errors or the instructions are not very clear, I can be contacted by email through my profile.
SewDelish (C) Make a Rag Quilt Instructions PDF  
If you are having trouble viewing this file it can be downloaded from here.
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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Craft and Scrapbook Ribbon

Craft and Scrapbook Ribbon
This box of gorgeous ribbons is one of my latest purchases for my collection (yes I have a large collection of ribbons!) They are acid free and washable, so I can use them for a multitude of things. I will probably use them for scrapbooking and card making as well as embellishing clothing and also making more bookmarks!

I would have to confess that I love to collect sewing and crafty things. Ok, well I admit I am probably obsessed, but at least I know for a fact that I am not the only one! Yes I know what you are thinking. You have a touch of the old "just have to have it" Creative Obsession Syndrome (COS for short) too! He he he. Fabric, buttons, ribbon, more fabric, more buttons. Well you know what I mean, don't you????

My biggest problem is finding space to keep it all, but it doesn't make any sense to leave such useful and beautiful things sitting on a store shelf, when they will be loved so much more at my house! I will have a use for them, one day anyhow!

Well now I have decided my action plan for this year is to use some of my stash before I even think about stepping foot into a fabric or craft store. I suppose it is kind of like a New Year's Resolution in a way, even though I started working on this 6 weeks ago. I will try to make do with what I have already (which is honestly plenty) and will attempt to avoid going to my favourite shops unless I absolutely need something! I figure that this might actually reduce my stash of lovely things that I occasionally sift through, and often trip over, into a pile of really cool projects that I can use.

The projects I have made thus far without purchasing anything are my daughter's beach bag, pincushions, reindeer, Christmas stocking, bookmarks, wrapping paper, 4 pet cushions with covers, 3 t-shirt style nighties and almost my rag quilt. I had to buy 1m flannel as I had run out part way through cutting. Not too bad if I do say, however I must admit that even making these has barely put a dent in the pile, so on with my action plan!

I am treating my collections as my very own store. If my store doesn't have it I will either need to make do or have to wait until it is impossible for me to finish a project without going to a craft of fabric shop. It is a challenge, but is heaps of fun too! Now I don't feel so guilty about my creative obsession syndrome!
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Friday, 11 January 2008

Print Your Own Wrapping Paper

I think it is much more fun when a person can actually unwrap a gift rather than just open an envelope, so on the rare occasion a voucher is given, I just have to wrap it.

I went on the hunt in my stash to find some girly, small print paper to no avail. So I grabbed some suitable fabric and instead of cutting into it, I scanned and then printed it out on a full sheet of paper. Easy peasy and just the right size I needed. I then added some gorgeous pastel pink organza ribbon to top it off. If you save the scanned copy to your hard drive you can then print out your gift wrap as many times as you like for a larger present or even make a matching card. How much better is that, than a boring envelope, printed with the store logo! Much more fun to unwrap too!

Print Wrapping Paper
The recipient normally throws envelopes away, but she has destined this beautiful paper for another use. So I guess you could say in a way it could be considered an environmentally friendly project especially if you use recycled paper in your printer like I do!
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Thursday, 10 January 2008

Beach Bag Project

Make Beach tote bag with Zippered Pocket
I whipped up this cool beach tote in just a couple of hours. It has a double zippered pocket inside for keys and mobile phone and is long enough to hold a towel rolled up, with plenty of room for bathers, shoes and a drink bottle. If you do a Google search there are tons of free patterns for tote bags online. So no need for another one, yet! I didn't actually use a pattern or directions myself, except to trace around a book about the right size. Madness I know, because now I need the bag to use as a pattern if I want to make another one! LOL!
Make Beach tote bag Zippered Pocket

The fringing on the front of the bag is a length of fabric stitched over some thick cord, as if making piping. I then cut into the fabric every 1/4" (0.5cm) just like the snipping on the rag quilt I made. Then I gathered the fabric on the cording to fit the bag before stitching the fringe in place. So when it frays it will look even better!
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Monday, 7 January 2008

Cupcake Pincushions

make sew pin cushion pattern Cupcake Pincushions tutorialThese are my SewDelish yummy cupcakes!

I would like to give credit to the person who posted this tutorial on how to make them and originally inspired me to make my own version. As usual I very rarely do anything exactly to directions and this project is no exception. Not only did I use different fabrics, but I also changed the way they are assembled, making them quicker and more stable.

I used some strips of fleece fabric leftover from making jumpers and tracksuits for the cake and icing and wide ribbing to make the patty cases. A couple of people have said the patty cases look like socks. I don't see any reason why they could not be used as socks are probably more readily available. My cupcakes are then completed with some pin sprinkles and a pom pom cherry on the top!

make sew  pin cushion pattern Cupcake Pincushions tutorial make sew  pin cushion pattern Cupcake Pincushions tutorial
make sew  pin cushion Cupcake Pincushions tutorial

Everything is hand sewn in place, including the cherry on top. I have had a few orders for gifts of these from friends and family, so I now have a basket in my lounge room with everything I need to make them. It is wonderful to relax in the evenings, watching television and actually feel like I am being productive at the same time.

(Added 16 Jan 2008) I also just found some like these by Betz White who uses recycled wool sweaters to make her cupcakes. Great idea if you are not allergic to wool!
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Saturday, 5 January 2008

Beautiful Island View

Island View Seals
This is nothing to do with sewing or craft, just a little inspiration for you to enjoy.

This photo is of one of the islands near where we live. It looks different almost everyday, depending on the cloud cover and time of day. Isn't it just glorious!

Sometimes it is just wonderful to stop and smell the fresh ocean air. Life is so busy that it is easy to forget how lucky we are.

The little black dots you can see on the beach are not people, they are actually seals! Really!!!

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Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Christmas Stocking Sewn on My Treadle

After practicing sewing with my Singer treadle sewing machine on countless scraps of fabric I have finally managed to make something. Well I actually made it just before Christmas I have to admit and just found it again so I could post it here.

A lovely blue Christmas stocking made from felt, fleece and ric rac. Very simple in design, but fun to make nonetheless and it took less than half an hour.

Christmas Stocking Treadle
I suppose this does not need to be just for Christmas, it would make a great gift bootie bag for a new baby or little boy.

There is something special about sewing on a treadle. With no electricity and powered by my feet rocking back and forth rhythmically, I can't help but wonder about all the women that used my treadle in years gone by and what they made, dresses(maybe wedding gowns), quilts, work and play clothes. Then I remember my Singer sewing machine attachments and daydream about darning, embroidery, pin tucks and gathers made on a simple straight stitch machine.

What a hectic life the women of old must have had. Raising several or more children, keeping house- cooking cleaning and making clothes for everyone. All done with no electricity and the same duties day after day! We are very fortunate to have electricity, although I can't help but wonder sometimes that all the gadgets that make things quicker our lives easier, in turn make it busier because we feel we need to do more and fit more into our day.
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Make a Rag Quilt

I recently had a go at making a rag quilt and this is the result. A shabby chic look! It took 2 weeks to complete and I love it! You may have noticed that I used it for the backdrop when I took photos of my newly acquired Singer Puzzle Box. These quilts are an ideal project to make on an antique or vintage sewing machine as straight stitch is all you need.

 Free Instructions and Pattern - Download Here

To make a rag quilt, work out the following (just copy and paste text into a word document to print). A word of warning - PRESHRINK all fabric first before cutting. I forgot to preshrink the filling so now I have a rather puckered, puffy looking quilt. It has given it a more homely appeal though, which I like.
The number of squares you would like across (don’t allow for seam allowance at this point)______(I had 10)
The number of squares down_____(I had 15)
Design the pattern you would like your squares to make on the blank template. Mine was diagonal, but you can have random, stripes or even create a picture.

To cut your squares they need to be the finished size plus 3” (2.5cm) to allow for the frayed finish_______(mine were about 5 ½” or 14cm)
Make a note of the number of squares required for each colour.
You need at least 3 layers of fabric for the quilt. Course cotton fabric that frays easily is best. I used approximately 2 1/2m each of the backing and filling and 1m of each for coloured squares on the front.
  • A backing
  • A flannelette filling (at least 1 layer)
  • A top layer (consisting of various colours or just one)
Cut all squares required using a rotary cutter, ruler and a matt.
Assemble piles of fabric in order
  1. backing face down
  2. filling
  3. top layer right side up
Repeat for each square required for your quilt. If you have room lay them out according to the pattern you created earlier.
When sewing the fabric sandwich blocks together treat the backing fabric as if it is the right side. Thus making it easier to remember to sew backing to backing (right sides together). It will all be right in the end you'll see.
Each seam needs to be 1 ½” (3.7cm) and you need to be fairly accurate to help align latter squares. Use a double or triple short straight stitch setting on your sewing machine or sew each seam twice (trust me on this it is necessary to extend the life and wear of the quilt!).
Sew the quilt one row at a time and then sew the completed rows together, aligning all the joins.
For the final sewing part, stitch all the way around outside edges of the quilt.
Now for the snipping. You will need a pair of comfortable, good quality scissors (you will be grateful later). I bought a pair of Fiskars spring grip scissors in my local sewing shop and incidentally I found some identical in the hardware shop 1 week later called pruning snips also made by Fiskars!
Snip into each seam almost to the stitching every ¼” (0.5cm). This needs to be done all over. Just be careful not to cut the stitching or you may need to do repairs!!

Once all the snipping is done, including the outsides edges, the quilt can be washed then dried in a dryer.
Washing produces a huge amount of fluff and lint, so part way through the cycle while water is still in the machine use a sieve to scoop it out. It is much easier to remove the lint this way and will save wear and tear on your machine and dryer. The quilt will need to be washed and dried several times to produce a really frayed effect, but it will be well worth the effort.

Iron and then use or display your quilt.

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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

More Bookmarks to Make

These are slight variations on the bookmarks I have been making. Just sew a fancy stitch around the outside of your piece of fabric (this lot is flannelette), fray the edges as before, then sew on some ribbon or lace and decorate with bows fashioned from narrow ribbon.

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