Monday, 7 January 2008

Cupcake Pincushions

make sew pin cushion pattern Cupcake Pincushions tutorialThese are my SewDelish yummy cupcakes!

I would like to give credit to the person who posted this tutorial on how to make them and originally inspired me to make my own version. As usual I very rarely do anything exactly to directions and this project is no exception. Not only did I use different fabrics, but I also changed the way they are assembled, making them quicker and more stable.

I used some strips of fleece fabric leftover from making jumpers and tracksuits for the cake and icing and wide ribbing to make the patty cases. A couple of people have said the patty cases look like socks. I don't see any reason why they could not be used as socks are probably more readily available. My cupcakes are then completed with some pin sprinkles and a pom pom cherry on the top!

make sew  pin cushion pattern Cupcake Pincushions tutorial make sew  pin cushion pattern Cupcake Pincushions tutorial
make sew  pin cushion Cupcake Pincushions tutorial

Everything is hand sewn in place, including the cherry on top. I have had a few orders for gifts of these from friends and family, so I now have a basket in my lounge room with everything I need to make them. It is wonderful to relax in the evenings, watching television and actually feel like I am being productive at the same time.

(Added 16 Jan 2008) I also just found some like these by Betz White who uses recycled wool sweaters to make her cupcakes. Great idea if you are not allergic to wool!
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  1. Wow these are the most beautiful pincushions I could find on the net <333 I try to do one for my host sister, I hope that they will be as cute as yours hiiiiii <333

    ByBye !!! =D

  2. HI, do you have a tutorial on how to make your version if you do i would love to know.


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