Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Craft Projects Using Non-Stick Baking Paper

I often have spurts of creative energy (usually late at night) and then find I don't actually have a specific item or two that I require. So this is where I find my pantry and invaluable resource, before heading off to the local craft store.

One of my most used pantry supplies is
non-stick baking or cooking paper. It is not the same as waxed or freezer paper. I am unsure or the name of this paper outside of Australia (maybe one of you can help me here). All I can tell you is that is the same on both sides, has a slight glossy feel, and most importantly does not stick.

Non-stick ironing paper for iron-on interfacing

Here is what I have done with baking paper:

  1. Use as a paper non-stick pressing cloth when applying on iron-on interfacing. Place it underneath and on top of your fabric. It can be reused countless times.
  2. Use in place of vellum. Not quite as thick, but great at a push. See my Lickable Valentine's Day card made with it.
  3. Make envelopes for handmade cards. It is lovely and enticing to see the card through the paper.
  4. Great as a gluing surface mat under your work as it is non-stick.
  5. Make beautiful butterflies with the paper and pipe cleaners (chenille sticks)
  6. Make food safe gift bags for home baked goodies.Directions coming soon.
  7. Origami sachets for tiny notes, gifts or potpourri.
I will add to this list as I find more. What have you used non-stick paper for? Add your comments below.
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  1. Well! Shows you what I know. Is this the same as what I consider "waxed paper"? Nooo? Yes??? It's not Freezer paper, is it? noooo, that's opaque white not transluscent, I think. I need to learn more - Much More - about papers. Thanks for the post that has spurred my interest!

  2. Thanks Devonia, I have modified the post to help explain a little better. The paper is the same on both sides and is used in baking so foods don't stick. Enjoy creating!

  3. Thank you! I'll look for it. Great suggestions!


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