Sunday, 3 February 2008

Printable Stickers and Labels for School

I went on a hunt on the web to find some stickers and labels for school and found stickers and where you can download heaps of pages to make into stickers. I printed off a few pages onto some ordinary A4 paper, and cut them out so we could feed them through the Xyron Sticker Machine.
Printable Stickers and Labels

I then went on a search for printable book labels and pencil name tags, for free download of course, but no such luck. So I made some myself, unfortunately no pics to show you, but I will tell you my secrets!

For the book labels, I used publisher to make a business card, that prints multiple cards on the one sheet. I deleted all the extra details like address and phone numbers and just added the name, school, class No and year. Then I changed the background design and colours to suit a child and presto! Print, cut and feed through the sticker machine before placing on books, lunch books or whatever. To make the stickers last I like to place some clear packing tape over the top to protect them.

Now the pencil name tags are more involved, so I may produce a tutorial for this at some stage later. However the basics are: use Microsoft excel or a similar spreadsheet program to make lots of narrow rows, that are long enough to fit the name. Insert the name and a small graphic font and print. All you need to do then is cut them out and apply them with some clear cellotape. I printed mine in several different colours rather than just plain black. Pencil tags are great to put on anything, not just pencils, they can be used on glue sticks, rulers and even scissors.

Almost ready for school now!
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  1. Hi there,

    Your stickers looked really good! As i have just come across your blog i thought i might aswell leave you a short comment on where i get my labels from. A while back i actually managed to find a british labels company, they sold me a batch of plain labels for a really low cost. I know they do all sorts of label printing, so if you are at all interested then may be worth taking a look at their website for some more information.

  2. Thanks purple seal I will look into it next time I need some sticker sheets.


  3. The stickers above are so cute! If you don't mind I can suggest you a page which provide cheap custom stickers. It is really worth to spend every penny. :)


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