Friday, 15 February 2008

Make SewDelish Chocolate Bars

Sewdelish Chocolate Bar Wrapper

I have been chocolate making again and I had some melted chocolate left over. I poured it into a large chocolate bar mould. After it had set I remembered about some chocolate bars we made for gifts last year, so I decided to share with you the process. If you are not up to melting chocolate or can't find a mold, then you can use a purchased bar of chocolate and decorate that.

1) Melt chocolate over a double pan, then pour into mould (mold for those of you from US)

Chocolate Bar Mould Mold

2) Allow to set while you clean up and prepare the wrapper. I downloaded some background papers from the Crafts Beautiful website . You need to be a member, but it is free to join. There are also some sites that have printable wrappers and even software you can download to make your own designs.

Download Crafts Beautiful Printable Paper

3) Once the bar is set, wrap it in some aluminum foil. This gives a professional touch and also helps with the next step.

4) Measure the height of the bar (your wrapper will be this high) and then measure the whole way around the bar and add 2-3cm(1") for overlap. Cut your paper to these measurements.

Measure Chocolate Bar

5) Centre the chocolate bar in the middle of the wrapper paper and use tape, glue or sticky dots to adhere the overlapped ends of the wrapper together. Try not to stick it to the foil. Then you will be able slide off the wrapper and turn it into a card front later.

Glue Wrapper
6) Decorate the bar with other embellishments if you wish. I used lace, ribbon and buttons for a real feminine chocolate bar. The paper and embellishments can be changed to suit the taste of the recipient (haha no pun intended).

Embellish Chocolate Bar Wrapper
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  1. I love this craft, I love anything with Chocolate! I'll have to try it one day, I've never thought about doing it before.

  2. yummy chocolate ;o) - what a fab idea and i do love the papers that came with the mag - I still havent cut mine

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments ladies. I had so much fun making these, I think I will have to make some more.

  4. Such a lovely idea you've created there. Never seen anything like it! Such a personal touch as well as making your own chocolate. Love the decor and colour on this choc bar!

  5. What a brilliant crafty and yummy idea.

  6. Once people find out what's inside, they don't last long.

  7. Love this idea ... and with Easter just around the corner the timing is perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  8. These are absolutely adorable! Thanks for visiting and letting me find you! I'm adding SewDelish to my RSS feeds...keep up the happy crafting!-jenny

  9. I'm glad you like them. They taste even better! LOL Wish I could share these with you all, but I'm afraid they might melt on their journeys!


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