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Antique & Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Information

This is my 1951 Singer 99K. It is operated by a knee bar that I could get very accustomed to using. Much more control and fun too! It takes low shank attachments, which means is will fit attachments that also fit my Singer 201's and those from my puzzle box.

Singer 99K Vintage Sewing Machine

I spent quite some time researching old sewing machines, online and offline and have decided to share with you a list of links that I use. From these links you should be able to identify the model of your antique or vintage Singer sewing machine, date it and also find out the attachments it will take. There are also free manuals on a few of them for you to download. Which provide loads of information on the machines themselves.

If you have a link you would like to add, please leave a comment and I will add it to the list once I have checked it out.

( have updated these links 9th January 2012. Some have expired, but I was able to track some of them down through the web archive. I have left the old links in should they become available at a later date)

Sewing Machine Photo ID Walkthrough Very useful**

Dating Antique and Vintage Singer Sewing Machines 
For detailed manufacturing dates and model numbers

Singer Sewing Machine Serial Numbers
 This information in no longer very detailed and does not show models numbers.

Singer Sewing Machine Company From ISMACS - machines, cabinets, manuals & attachments

ISMACS International Free manuals and lots of information**

How Much is Your Machine Worth?

Treadle On

Needlebar Need to become a member to read messages

Seized Machine Treatment (Information No longer Available)


Antique and Vintage Sewing Machine Virtual Museum

Featherweight Information

Free Download for Singer Manuals 15, 28 and 66

Sewitgoes Sewing Machine Collector's Gallery New Link
(Old Link Sewing Machine Collector's Gallery)

Part and Attachments for Singer Sewing Machines - New Link
(Old link Parts/Attachments information)

Featherweight 221 Factory

Yahoo Singer Attachments Group - Need to be a member to view messages

Yahoo Vintage Singers Group
- Need to be a member to view messages

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  1. Thanks Jules. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Anyone who has old Pfaff machines (all metal and over 25 lbs) would be interested in the Yahoo group, Old Pfaff Forum. I've found it to be a great source for my favorite machines.

  3. Eloominator I will check that out. You reminded me that I need to add the Singer Yahoo groups too. Thanks.

  4. Sewdelish - Hi your site is great. i love the old sewing machines - memories of childhood


  5. Thanks Cindybee, I hope you enjoy blogging too. Look forward to chatting with you over at Crafts Beautiful.

  6. what a great blog! I am searching for the knee control bar - if you have any idea where I can get one (my machine is a 99-13) for the machine I just bought :)

    thanks for any info you can share -

  7. Because of your blog, I was able to date my new antique Singer. It is a 1906 in great condition. Thank you for your help.

  8. Thanks for all the useful links! I love vintage & antique sewing notions (I both collect and sell them), and have been looking into buying an antique machine. I'll make good use of these links in my research! Gracias.

    Denise / D. Raphael Vintage Notions

  9. This site commemorating singers 160th year of sewing machines has a place to enter the serial# of your machine and you can print or download a certificate stating the issue date of youe machine. Also you can enter the story of your machines(s) and be entered to win a limited edition 160th sewing machine.
    Over 1800 stories entered which you can read.

  10. HI i found an old singer sewing machine it looks like a 27 model but it says rebuilt by the great eastern union co for singer anyone know anything about this

  11. Thank you for posting that pic,& links I have been on Line looking for "my" new sewing machine which I liberated from my Daughters closet.It is the exact same one, except it is cat haired and dusty!!! It was obtained from her GM (my x MIL) who is no longer using it. It needs a manual, cleaning and oiling. Knowing that it is a 99K allows me to find the manuel more accurately! Thanks again!

  12. Thanks for posting this! I was searching for over an hr for the style of my sewwing machine. I needed to know if it was also a Singer 99k! It looks exactly like yours. I have liberated it from my DD who was not using it. It had belonged to her GM. Thanks to you I know have a PDF file on the users manuel and know how to clean and oil it! Thanks

  13. My sewing machine looks identical to yours. It's evidently a 99-13 electric. I'm afraid I'm having a hard time dating it. I've gotten conflicting information. The number on the front is AA978386 and if that is the serial number, that would date it at 1926. I have seen someone selling one just like mine on ebay, and they thought theirs was from 1926. When we took the machine to be serviced, the man dated it in the 50s. You say yours is from 1951. Am I missing the serial number? I've looked all over and I can't find any number other than the one stamped on the oval plate at the front of the machine. What number does yours have there?


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