Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Easter Craft Project - Eggs and Chicks

Here the tiny eggs lay waiting.......

Easter Eggs Craft ideas for kids to make Project Nest

...Then the hatching begins!

Easter Eggs and Chick in nest Craft Project ideas for kids to makeEaster Chicks in Nest Craft Project

These Easter eggs and chicks in a nest are an easy and fun activity to do for kids and adults alike. These tiny eggs and chicks are just a mere 1 1/2" (3cm) tall.
  1. Collect some small twigs and sticks and arrange randomly in a circular brown paper-mache bowl or container. This will help give the nest it's shape.
  2. Paint some polystyrene eggs or real ones with pretty paints.
  3. While the eggs dry make some baby chicks with pom poms, tulle for the wings, cardboard for the beak and joggle eyes.
These wee chicks are waiting for tucker!
Easter Chicks in Nest Waiting for Tucker ideas for kids to make Project

Now the baby chicks are fed and ready for bed!
Easter Chicks in Nest Fed and Happy!

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  1. Sounds great hun, but for some reason I can't see the pictures :-( Just horrid red crosses.

    Jules x

  2. I will try to fix. They are showing up on my monitor. I think a few other bloggers are having problems with photos too.

  3. Thanks. Fortunately the pics are now showing up.

  4. Wow, the pictures and the ideas are fine, I will share with readers of my site on Easter Egg Games by linking back to your blog. Thanks for sharing


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