Thursday, 10 January 2008

Beach Bag Project

Make Beach tote bag with Zippered Pocket
I whipped up this cool beach tote in just a couple of hours. It has a double zippered pocket inside for keys and mobile phone and is long enough to hold a towel rolled up, with plenty of room for bathers, shoes and a drink bottle. If you do a Google search there are tons of free patterns for tote bags online. So no need for another one, yet! I didn't actually use a pattern or directions myself, except to trace around a book about the right size. Madness I know, because now I need the bag to use as a pattern if I want to make another one! LOL!
Make Beach tote bag Zippered Pocket

The fringing on the front of the bag is a length of fabric stitched over some thick cord, as if making piping. I then cut into the fabric every 1/4" (0.5cm) just like the snipping on the rag quilt I made. Then I gathered the fabric on the cording to fit the bag before stitching the fringe in place. So when it frays it will look even better!
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