Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Christmas Stocking Sewn on My Treadle

After practicing sewing with my Singer treadle sewing machine on countless scraps of fabric I have finally managed to make something. Well I actually made it just before Christmas I have to admit and just found it again so I could post it here.

A lovely blue Christmas stocking made from felt, fleece and ric rac. Very simple in design, but fun to make nonetheless and it took less than half an hour.

Christmas Stocking Treadle
I suppose this does not need to be just for Christmas, it would make a great gift bootie bag for a new baby or little boy.

There is something special about sewing on a treadle. With no electricity and powered by my feet rocking back and forth rhythmically, I can't help but wonder about all the women that used my treadle in years gone by and what they made, dresses(maybe wedding gowns), quilts, work and play clothes. Then I remember my Singer sewing machine attachments and daydream about darning, embroidery, pin tucks and gathers made on a simple straight stitch machine.

What a hectic life the women of old must have had. Raising several or more children, keeping house- cooking cleaning and making clothes for everyone. All done with no electricity and the same duties day after day! We are very fortunate to have electricity, although I can't help but wonder sometimes that all the gadgets that make things quicker our lives easier, in turn make it busier because we feel we need to do more and fit more into our day.
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  1. Hi there, your site and glad to know that there are others who love the antique singers!

    I currently own a 1935 singer and LOVE IT! I think I have all of the attachments, literally, even have duplicates.


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