Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Craft and Scrapbook Ribbon

Craft and Scrapbook Ribbon
This box of gorgeous ribbons is one of my latest purchases for my collection (yes I have a large collection of ribbons!) They are acid free and washable, so I can use them for a multitude of things. I will probably use them for scrapbooking and card making as well as embellishing clothing and also making more bookmarks!

I would have to confess that I love to collect sewing and crafty things. Ok, well I admit I am probably obsessed, but at least I know for a fact that I am not the only one! Yes I know what you are thinking. You have a touch of the old "just have to have it" Creative Obsession Syndrome (COS for short) too! He he he. Fabric, buttons, ribbon, more fabric, more buttons. Well you know what I mean, don't you????

My biggest problem is finding space to keep it all, but it doesn't make any sense to leave such useful and beautiful things sitting on a store shelf, when they will be loved so much more at my house! I will have a use for them, one day anyhow!

Well now I have decided my action plan for this year is to use some of my stash before I even think about stepping foot into a fabric or craft store. I suppose it is kind of like a New Year's Resolution in a way, even though I started working on this 6 weeks ago. I will try to make do with what I have already (which is honestly plenty) and will attempt to avoid going to my favourite shops unless I absolutely need something! I figure that this might actually reduce my stash of lovely things that I occasionally sift through, and often trip over, into a pile of really cool projects that I can use.

The projects I have made thus far without purchasing anything are my daughter's beach bag, pincushions, reindeer, Christmas stocking, bookmarks, wrapping paper, 4 pet cushions with covers, 3 t-shirt style nighties and almost my rag quilt. I had to buy 1m flannel as I had run out part way through cutting. Not too bad if I do say, however I must admit that even making these has barely put a dent in the pile, so on with my action plan!

I am treating my collections as my very own store. If my store doesn't have it I will either need to make do or have to wait until it is impossible for me to finish a project without going to a craft of fabric shop. It is a challenge, but is heaps of fun too! Now I don't feel so guilty about my creative obsession syndrome!
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  1. Wow! I'm envious of your crafting ability!

    My poor sewing machine has yet to be unpacked from our latest move, and my son's baby quilt is still in pieces, awaiting blocking and finishing. Um...he'll be 5 in May!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope I was able to give you a couple of ideas to consider as you grow your blog!

    Beautiful island photos...my midwestern-American-chilled toes are envious of that warm sand!


    Marianne at Writer-Mommy

  2. Love How neat it looks! I wish I could get organized.


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