Friday, 11 January 2008

Print Your Own Wrapping Paper

I think it is much more fun when a person can actually unwrap a gift rather than just open an envelope, so on the rare occasion a voucher is given, I just have to wrap it.

I went on the hunt in my stash to find some girly, small print paper to no avail. So I grabbed some suitable fabric and instead of cutting into it, I scanned and then printed it out on a full sheet of paper. Easy peasy and just the right size I needed. I then added some gorgeous pastel pink organza ribbon to top it off. If you save the scanned copy to your hard drive you can then print out your gift wrap as many times as you like for a larger present or even make a matching card. How much better is that, than a boring envelope, printed with the store logo! Much more fun to unwrap too!

Print Wrapping Paper
The recipient normally throws envelopes away, but she has destined this beautiful paper for another use. So I guess you could say in a way it could be considered an environmentally friendly project especially if you use recycled paper in your printer like I do!
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  1. Hi!
    Thank you for your compliments on my potpourri bunnies. They were much fun to make. Also, I love your idea for printing gift wrap paper. Excellent idea!!

    Thanks for your visit!

  2. What a great idea! You could do so many things with this paper :)


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