Monday, 1 September 2008

Kids Crafty Birthday Party

It was my DD 9th birthday recently and she decided she wanted to have a craft party. So I thought I would share with you a few things we did.

It all began with the invitations, which my daughter proudly designed and assembled by herself. The inside of the card has all the details of the party which I helped her make using the computer.
craft party invitation make

Come the day of the party we decorated the birthday girl's chair for her to sit on during the party and whilst she opened the presents. This has become a tradition in our household since the day she turned 3.
birthday party chair make

The ballerina birthday cake was made and there were cupcakes galore!

ballerina girl birthday cake make

chocolate cupcakes birthday make

Then onto the creating and making!

I had a long list of projects in case the girls finished their creations quickly and I let my daughter pick each craft as we went along.

The girls had a fabulous time and this is what they made:

Pencil Buddies
birthday craft party pencil buddies make

Lavender tied in the style of a ballet slipper
birthday party lavender ballet slipper make

Drawer Sachets for scenting their clothes.
birthday party craft draw sachets drawer make

Paperclip Bookmarks
birthday  craft party paperclip bookmarks make

Handbag style boxes
birthday party craft handbag boxes make

The girls all had a delightful time and took home all their lovely makes.
birthday party craft creations make
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  1. The cake and little cakes are yummy yummy!! love the chair idea and what a lot they made looks like they have had a great time!

  2. Looks like you had a great time! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your daughter....sorry I din't get around to making a card for her :(
    Lauren xx

  3. what a glorious decorative girly party she had darlin. All the makes are amazing! just beautiful! The cake! well........STUNNING! I am so pleased it wasn't me cutting it up, it's remarkable PB! cupcakes look sooooo yummy too!
    Delighted your DD had a wonderful birthday and party! Will PM you shortly hunny x

  4. Wow, everything looks so fun and colorful. What great projects.

  5. Your daughter's guests must have had a blast and you made great memories for everyone.

  6. What absolutely adorable projects! I'm long since past the stage of hosting little ladies for such event, but I'm forwarding to all my sisters and friends with little granddaughters! So sweet!

  7. Wow - I bet everyone had a wonderful party - what a lot of lovely makes!

  8. Ive just drooled over the keyboard, those cakes look sooooooooo yummy!


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