Thursday, 9 April 2009

Fun Easter Crafts Projects

Some of you may remember these sweet little chicks we made last Easter. I still have them sitting on my computer desk just because they make me smile!

Then there are my freebie Easter printables, just click on the pictures and then save to your computer.

I have also been doing a little web surfing and found some great activities and creative projects that you can do, even with your kids. I would love to have a go at all of these, but sooo much to do and so little time. Hope these save you some time searching for some fun Easter projects. I am unable to add the pics from these sites here due to copyright reasons, but trust me I am sure you will love them.

1) Cute little chicks and bunnies from a face cloth. These are so cute with an Easter egg sitting in them. I have made heaps of them and they are so quick and easy to make. Great for selling at an Easter fair too.

2) Sweet Easter bags and egg wrappers to print for free.

3) Rabbit Napkin Holders with template to print.

4) String Easter egg made using a water balloon with chicks inside.

5) Chocolate daffodils

6) Bunny cupcakes

7) Egg train

8) oh so cute brooch

9) easy rabbit cross stitch

10) Felt Easter Bag tutorial. Quick, easy and can be made to suit any occasion.

11) chenille/pipe cleaner egg

12) Gorgeous Beaded cross to remind us of the real reason for Easter. This would be beautiful as a brooch.

13) Ribbon and plastic mesh cross.

14) Easter bunny basket from a paper plate. Very easy even for young children.

15) This Handprint lily with a poem would be a perfect gift for adults this Easter from children. Step by step instructions to make the flowers are here.

16) Gorgeous bead and wire bunny. These would make a sweet necklace and earrings set as a non-chocolate gift for Easter.

17) Easter Egg cozy with printable pattern to sew. If you make these a little smaller they would make fun finger puppets!

18) Egg shaped Cakes! These look really cute, you bake a cake right in the egg, and I imagine they wouldn't last long. LOL

19) Cute Bunny Basket that you can make up and let kids finish decorating the face and feet! Instructions to make the box base are here. This one uses a diecut machine but it would be easy enough to draw and make your own if you don't own one. Thanks to SharonSkippy for sending me these links!
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  1. Wow they are really cute chickens, thanks for posting these links, did you have a good easter?

    First seen this blog and now following, have a good day.

  2. Just popping in for a quick 'hello'.
    Hope you had a lovely Easter.
    Elena :)


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