Friday, 8 May 2009

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons! Sorting, Organizing and Storage

organise Buttons storage sort sewing craft organize how store button tutorial

Well as I have mentioned previously I have been busy sorting and organizing in my crafts and sewing room. I have waaaayyyy too many buttons than I will probably ever use, but at least I can always find something suitable for whatever I am working on!

The best way to organise your buttons is to work out what method you use to decide what ones you would like for your project. I usually decide on a colour first and then either choose a plain or fancy buttons before I make my final decision. It may not be the right method for everyone but it works for me.
Special buttons that I know I will never want to use go in a special tin with buttons in handed down to me from my Grandmother.

Sew here we go.............


organise Buttons storage sort sewing craft organize how store button tutorial

1) Put on some music or watch TV. Sit near a window in daylight. This will help you tell the difference between similar colours - black and navy as well as lemon and cream. Some look deceptively similar in low or even fluorescent light.
2) Take one pile of mixed buttons, have a play and oohhhh and aaahhhhh! Pick them up and let them run through your fingers!
3) Set out lots of small containers, jars, lids or even ziplock bags. Two for each colour group you want to use. One for the plain buttons and one for the fancy buttons.
4) Sort the buttons. I have loads of brown, blue and green buttons so I sort those further into lights and darks. Some of the buttons are also sorted into sets of the same to make them easier to find later.
5) Place your sorted buttons where you can reach them easily and quickly when you need them. Buttons I use regularly I store in containers on a shelf and ones I use less often I store in ziplock bags and place in a box nearby.

organise Buttons storage sort sewing craft organize how store button tutorial

I would love to hear how you sort store your buttons. If you have any pictures, place a link in the comments section so I can come and check it out.
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  1. Wow what a lot of lovely buttons.
    I only have a few but my collection is growing lol

  2. Super cute blog! I love your buttons! Can I feature you on my blog?

  3. Woah soo many buttons, love your blog. Well I keep my buttons in a plastic folder I don't have many you see :)

  4. What an amazing job sorting out all those buttons. I like step #2 - you've got to have some fun of course :)
    I have sorted beads but I've never thought about sorting out our buttons. They're all mixed up in a couple of very old shoe boxes .... perhaps I should try your method.


  5. I think I finally see someone who has more buttons than I do. my collection started in a candy tin way back when by my grandma. my mother added to it and it came to me in a large coffee tin. When my Children have children they will get the buttons in pretty jelly jars sorted by color. and I have a cigar box full of buttons still on their cards that I bought because I liked the way they looked. or maybe I will split up my collection and mix it all together for children to sort.

  6. Hi,

    I added your blog to a new sewing blog directory that sort blogs by freshness. The blogs with new posts are always moved up to the top. Please check it out and recommend it to your sewing blogger friends!

    Thank you!


  7. Have just been blog hopping and leaving a comment for each of you where I can. Thanks for your lovely comments and support


  8. Thanks for this!

    I have been sorting buttons, too. I have a huge collection from estate sales, rummage sales, yard sales and freecycling.

    I have sorted by color and am trying to match up the sets (on safety pins). I'm using glass jars. Found a vintage set of small mason-like jars that can fit on the shelf. The fancy ones I'm putting in a tin but I think that I need to line it to protect the buttons.

    I would like to know what others do in their organization...

  9. I have been contemplating my buttons and their organization. I am going to stick with color and then use safety pins to link up like buttons. I am getting ready to move to a place where I will have a sewing room so I am going to get something decorative and clear for storage.

  10. OH MY hunny, whatan array of buttons thst you have there, fancy coming on over to yours and having a rummage through, You lucky devil having all of those super gorgeous buttons! I am just getting into using butons on my cards and, looking at these is getting me all excited! Such a clever cookie you are and well done, must have taken you forever to do all this organising! xx

  11. Love buttons! How great to organize them like you have!
    Theresa from Sweden


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