Thursday, 21 May 2009

Bind-it-all Special Secrets Notebook

Chinese brocade fabric notebook make Bind-it-allAlign Center

Here is a notebook that I made for my DD. Her favourite colour is turquoise. This is a special book for her to write all the things she wants to as she grows from a young girl into a young lady.

The notebook is covered in chinese brocade fabric. The beads are what was left from making her Princess Jasmine costume a couple of years ago and they hold a special place in her heart as it was a very memorable occasion for her. I lined the inside of the covers in scrapbooking paper and also covered a pencil to match. I used my bind-it-all and then I tied a length of turquoise ribbon to the wires on the inside for my daughter to use as a bookmark.

Chinese brocade fabric notebook make Bind-it-all
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  1. This is gorgeous, I'm sure your DD will love it

  2. Now this is exquisitly beautiful! I would buy that myself! Your DD is one lucky DD to be have been thought of. SHe will enjoy using this. Excellent make darlin xx


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