Friday, 12 June 2009

Shower Cap Tutorial - Instructions Updated

sew how make Shower Cap showercap pattern tutorial

I am going through some of my older posts and have updated my Shower cap tutorial with loads of step by step photos and improved the instructions. It should make the instructions much clearer now. It's something I meant to do a while back but just completely forgot all about it.

If you make a showercap using my instructions I would love to see a photo. Just post a link to it in a comment below or on the tutorial post.
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  1. Totally cute cap :) TFS - Jaimie

  2. so funky lovely material luv sue x

  3. Your instructions are perfect! I'd never made a shower cap before and thought well maybe, just maybe, someone has already worked out the darned snags that occur when one sets out to do a so called simiple little thing! Thanks to your instructions I won't be sewing and ripping and re-cutting and re-pinning etc.!
    Yes, of course, I will gladly send you the cap - once made!


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