Thursday, 16 July 2009

Printable Lemon Curd Recipe

Make Lemon curd Butter Recipe Download Printable Free

I made some lemon curd a few weeks ago and thought I had already posted about it, but for some reason the post seems to have disappeared. So now for attempt number 2......

Make Lemon curd Butter Recipe Download Printable Free

I absolutely love lemon curd or as some call it lemon butter. Either way it tastes divine on a slice or three of freshly home-baked bread. I use a recipe that I have had for years. Unfortunately I can't remember where I found it, I can only think it may have been a CWA Recipe book or Mrs Beeton's Recipe Book. Scroll down for the recipe.

Anyway the reason I love this recipe is that it uses whole eggs rather than just the yolks so you end up with a larger quantity and no wasted egg whites. A jar of lemon curd makes a lovely gift, perfect for hampers or just a small thank you.

Make Lemon curd Butter Recipe Download Printable Free

I sterilise all my jars and utensils in the dishwasher and then place them in the oven at 100°C to drain and dry.

The labels I made using Microsoft publisher on the business card setting. I just placed the text and images where I wanted them and printed them out. I adhered them to the jars using clear packing tape, so it would protect the label from moisture damage (I use an inject printer) and to make them easy to remove once the jars were empty.

Make Lemon curd Butter Recipe Download Printable Free

And now I guess you are all waiting for the recipe............

Just right click on the image that you prefer below to open in a new tab and then save to your computer or print it out.

Make Lemon curd Butter Recipe Download Printable Free

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  1. This looks delicious hunnie, very well done! Like how you do all the sterilizing and draining of all bad things too. Very organised and health aware!

    Looks like you ahd a lot of fun making your lemon curd and, would love to try and make sometime myself.

    As you say would be great for hampers and gifts.

    keep up the great baking! I am just hoiping for some chocolate recipes from you from the chocolate party that you had for your DD

    Love n Hugz darlin
    Natalie xx

  2. mmm, I love lemon curd. I like how this recipe uses the egg whites. I might have to give it a try this way.

    I stumbled the post :)

  3. Your lemon curd looks so cute all packaged up with that label! I've made it once before and it was very good. And if I'm rememebering correctly, it was very easy to make.

  4. Mmmmmmmmm love lemon curd, thanks for the recipe. I like the way it uses whole eggs so as you say no whites to work out what to do with


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