Monday, 12 May 2008

Organizing Ribbons

ribbons spools store organize cord wire organise sort shoe rack

Despite my recent lack of posting there has been so much going on around here. Lots of crafting, some sewing, the usual home duties and crafty organizing. I recently bought some more ribbon (not that I needed any more) but it was a bargain that I just couldn't pass on. This meant that my ribbons, previously stored neatly (yeah right!) in draws, was becoming too difficult to arrange and find easily. Here is a great idea to store your spools of ribbon.

Shoe rack store ribbon
After much thought I decided to put an unused shoe rack to a much better use. It now stores all of my spools of ribbon and it is so easy to see what I have. Some of the spools only had very small holes and would not fit onto the metal rod, so I used the dremel tool to make the holes larger. Now they fit perfectly.

ribbons organise spools cord wire store ribbon organize shoe rack

Yes in case you are wondering there are more spools at the back. Most of those are stretch cord, satin cord and wired ribbons. I suppose you can't really tell that I LOVE RIBBON! The good news is, I am using ribbon a whole lot more. It is so easy to see and get to. I think I will have to carry this idea right through my craft room as I re-arrange and organize. Make things easy to use and put away, that way they will stay tidy! LOL that's the plan, so I will see how that goes.

How do you store your crafty things? Any ideas would be great I am constantly on the lookout for great way to store things.

DON"T FORGET: There are only a few days left to enter my Stepping Out Challenge. There have been some great entries thus far, so make sure you have a go. What you make is entirely up to you, it does not have to be a card at all. This challenge is now closed.
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  1. All i can say is WOW!!
    Here (SA) I can't find any ribbon!! where did you get urs?


  2. Lollies I was lucky enough to find some craft and sewing shops that were closing down(a sign of the times I guess)

  3. Goodness me! You can start a wee shop with that! Now that is what I call ORGANISED! And....such a amazing clever idea. Like you I love ribbons too but, do not have so much as you do. Quite fancy a few of your ribbons though!


  4. oh my! kust looooook at all that scrummy ribbon! What a brill idea for storing it :-)

    I have converted a wardrobe into my crafting cupboard. It has no hanging space - all shelves that i put in and a slidey out shelf like a computer keyboard shelf only bigger for me to work on. Plus it has two drawers at the bottom for extra storage.

  5. Great idea - and i just love those ribbons - yum!

  6. I have been trying to organize my craft room and was wondering what I could do with my ribbon. This is a great idea! Thanks.

  7. Look at all that scummy ribbon

  8. It`s a very wonderful idea!!
    Andrea - from Germany (Emmi41)

  9. O wow look at all thoughs ribbons!!

  10. Wow you put me to shame you are so organised. I adore ribbons and you have a fine collection going on there I am so jealous LOL :)


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