Sunday, 25 May 2008

Tinkerbell Fairy Costume

This is a sweet little girl's fairy costume I made for my DD and thought I would share with you. The photos just do not do this outfit any justice as it is so much prettier to see in person. It sews up quickly and is made very simply without a pattern. I have made a few fairy costumes using the same simple method with great results.

Tinkerbell fairy costume tinker bell Tink disney sew make

Tinkerbell fairy costume tinker bell Tink disney sew make skirt

All of the pieces of fabric are rectangles, including the petal shaped tulle tier. I cut the petal shapes after cutting out the rectangle. The bodice is made from a stretch dance fabric and the skirt is 3 layers - satin, snowflake organza and tulle. All the fabrics are in a Tinkerbell green except for the white organza. The skirt layers are gathered and then sewn onto the bodice before hemming. The straps are a pair of clear adjustable bra straps to make the outfit more like the original Tink dress, but allow free play without worries of the dress falling down.

Tinkerbell fairy costume wings tinker bell Tink disney

To make Tink's wings I scanned a Disney Tinker bell doll's wings and then enlarged them to print out poster size. I then cut the wings from a large sheet of clear acetate, sprayed it with clear varnish and sprinkled it with holographic glitter before the varnish dried. To give the wings more stability and define the edges I taped wire all the way around. Lastly I punched a few holes in the center and inserted elastic so the wings could be put on and removed with ease.

Tinkerbell fairy costume tinker bell slippers Tink disney

I completed the Tinkerbell Fairy costume with a pair of Tink green slippers and a sparkly pom pom? I just traced around my DD foot, added about 2"(5cm) all round, then using 3 step zig zag I applied the elastic. I made a couple of cute pom poms from glitter wool and attached them to the slippers by hand.

To really make Tinkerbell fly, she needs her hair in a bun and tied with Tinkerbell green ribbon!

This was such a fun and easy costume to make and would be great for anyone beginning to sew. Just measure, cut and sew.

Due to popular demand for this costume I am working on step by step instructions complete with the pattern for the wings. For anyone wishing to purchase it please email me(address above) with Fairy Costume Pattern in the subject line and I can let you know when it becomes available. Thanks for your interest.
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  1. Oh wow! That is a stunning Tinkerbell costume! Your daughter must be over the moon! I know you say it is easy to do, but I am still in awe of how clever you are, and you make it sound so simple! It's such a complete costume too, right down to the gorgeous little pom pom slipperettes xx

  2. That is so cute! My granddaughter won't be born until July, but I may just sew one up and put it away for her to wear sometime in the future. Thanks for sharing. Joyce in Iowa.

  3. You are so talented! This costume looks wonderful. Any little girl would love to wear it.

  4. Gorgeous, I love it! Well Done!

    Lauren xx

  5. Wow! That is fabulous. Alas, only boys around here. i need a Peter Pan pattern!

  6. Wow, how gorgeous is that, I love it :)

  7. WOW WOW WOW, stunning work hun,

    She is so so sweet, and your work is just amazing.


  8. Thank you for your very kind comments.

  9. Incredibly sweet. You are SO talented! :0)

  10. Thank you for your ideas, my daughter went to book week as tinkerbell and I couldn't find any slippers at short notice - then I came across your website and hey presto, one happy little girl.

  11. I am so glad your daughter was happy. What little girl wouldn't be with a Tinkerbell costume!

  12. Your costume is the best on the web! i have never sewed before, and am wondering if you have any further instructions that might be helpful for me? anything would be appreciated.

  13. thanks... i just sewed a tinkerbell costume today, but my daughter begged for tink shoes to go with it... THANKS!

  14. I am so intrigued with your Tinkerbell costume...especially the wings! Would you be so kind as to advise me as to the correct type of acetate sheet I should use? I would be so appreciative!!! Thanks!

  15. Beautiful! I'd love to buy the pattern if it's still available. I sent you an email. Thanks!


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