Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Want to see Websites I like? Stumbleupon is the key!

How many of us have loads and loads of bookmarks saved and don't remember what they were for. Well if you are anything like me, I find it is sometimes quicker to Google the page I am looking for, just to find it again.

Sooooo I decided a while back to start using Stumbleupon to keep my bookmarks in one place and share them with others. It is a social bookmarking site where you download a toolbar to your web browser and then you can give web pages you like the thumbs up (this is good) or thumbs down(bad) if you don't want to see that kind of thing again. You can also randomly stumble through websites in topics you like so you can bookmark and share them with others on your own stumble blog.

My StumbleUpon blog has tags/categories so I can sort the pages depending on the topic and I can even write a review too. I often use my reviews and thumbnails to help remind me as to what is on the page to make it easier to find later. If you go and have a look around you should find enough to keep you busy for a while. (wink wink!)

You can read more about StumbleUpon and download the toolbar from here.

So if you want to find out what I like head on over to my Stumble blog. I have tried to keep it mostly sewing and crafts related to help spread the creative inspiration and share some fun things with others. There are tags/categories on the right hand side of the page to make it easier to see topics you are interested in. If you like my blog SewDelish or even my StumbleUpon blog please leave me some love by giving them the thumbs up! Even if you don't have the tool bar, you can easily give them the thumbs up by clicking on the little icon that looks like this.. at the end of each of my posts.

See you all soon, hopefully you don't get so hooked on stumbling that you forget to pop back in a say hello! :)
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  1. I 'stumbled' with stumbleupon....maybe I have to check it out again.


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