Monday, 21 April 2008

Cuttlebug and Crop-a-Dile ll Big Bite Update

Cuttlebug sizzix card embossed wedding card bridal shower
Well as a few of you may know I have a couple of new crafty babies in the house. One is my Cuttlebug and the other a Crop-a-Dile ll Big Bite. For those of you who don't know what these gadgets are I will explain.

The Crop-a-dile ll Big Bite is a type of punch that can punch holes in almost anything from paper to leather and even thin sheets of tin as well as set eyelets. This particular one has a 6 inch reach and can be used to punch holes in the middle of a 12" scrapbook page and quietly set eyelets with ease.

I was slightly disappointed with the Crop-a-dile ll because when I used it for the first time the eyelets were not setting straight. Upon inspection I noted the parts were not aligning correctly thus resulting in an incorrectly set eyelet. The pin should be directly in the centre of the base part below it. You can see by the photo below the reason why the eyelets were not being set straight. Fortunately the company I purchased it from (40 mins away from me) exchanged it for another which has been working like a dream.
Crop-a-dile ll Big Bite Not aligning problem

The Cuttlebug has also been a highly welcomed addition to my craft room and has been getting all the necessary workouts required for all new members! LOL It is a machine designed to make die cut outs and also emboss. It is kind of similar to a pasta machine for want of a better description. What I love about it is that I can make die cuts from paper, card, acetate, fabric and even foil and thin sheets of tin! Dies made by most other companies will also fit the cuttlebug which is a big bonus! You can see some of the shapes I cut out within just a few minutes of unpacking it in this post. This is so easy even kids can use it. Actually there is a version for children named CuttleKids! I have also discovered that EBAY is a fantastic source for dies and embossing folders. The prices are far better than what you pay in a craft store, and that is including the cost of postage! (Actually, just ignore my last comment. I don't want to be bidding against any of you, so don't go and check it out! You do hear me don't you?)

Here is my Something Blue cuttlebug card that I made for a Wedding challenge going on at the moment at the Crafts Beautiful Forum. I made it using a sizzix dress die and a cuttlebug swirls embossing folder. The heart behind the dress I cut out using a Fiskars shape cutter and template. This one would be lovely for a feminine and modern Bridal Shower invitation.

Click on the picture to get a close up view.
Cuttlebug sizzix card embossed wedding bridal shower
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  1. gorgeous card hun, you sound very technological, I'm rubbish when it comes to gadgets, I've still got a fiskars cut out doodah that I can't use and I've had it two years :) See I told you I was rubbish I can't even remember what it's called !
    Twiggy x

  2. Thanks Twiggy. You are funny! I also happen to know you are very talented!

  3. 'O' I like that - just love the blue you have used.

    Glad you got the Crop-A-Dile sorted. Not bad the shop wasnt too far away to get it changed!

  4. Beautiful card! very unusual and the design layout is superb, well done!

  5. Gorgeous card, lovely colour, beautiful :)

  6. Thank you ladies for the lovely comments.


  7. Love your card ... everyone seems to be cuttlebug crazy right now ... and the swirl pattern is so effective. I also like the dotty one I have seen others use ... oh and there's a lovely floral one too LOL!


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