Thursday, 20 December 2007

Easy Pet Bed

Make Pet Bed Cushion Puppy Chihuahua Cat

This is a perfect little bed for a new puppy or kitten and also for little toy dogs who love a little bit of comfort.

This quick and easy pet bed is made using an old pillow that has been cleaned. A new one of course be used, but I wanted to use a pillow that was still ok but had gone too flat for my liking.
Pillows get replaced reasonably regularly in our house, so this is a good way to make good use of them once we don't sleep on them anymore.

These were made for my little chihuahua who is 12 years old and would sleep on my own pillow all day if given the opportunity!

  1. Work out the center of the pillow and mark with a fabric pen. Cut the outer fabric only all the way around the pillow.
  2. Carefully cut the stuffing inside the pillow. A good pair of sharp scissors is need for this and it should be cut in small sections at a time. I parted the stuffing using the points of the scissors as I cut to make it easier.
  3. Once the pillow is completely cut in half the raw edges need to be finished. Push the stuffing further into the cushion to avoid it getting in the way whilst you sew. I overlocked mine, however the edges can be turned in and sewn on an ordinary sewing machine. If you do not sew I imagine fusible webbing or fabric glue would work just as well. Repeat with the other cushion.
  4. Wrap the cushion with fabric or place in an old pillow case. Then give to your pet and await approval. My little girl could barely wait.
If you have a medium sized dog then you would not have to go to the trouble of making a pillow smaller, you could just use it as is and cover it.
If you have a
large dog just sew two pillows together.

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  1. Hi there, I will be adding your wonderful blog to today or tomorrow. I didn't have an E-mail address to thank you for submitting your blog. Very fun stuff! Donna

  2. Many thanks Donna, I plan to add more cool projects as time permits.

  3. What a fab idea. My dog still prefers to sleep with his head on my pillow, especially when my head is still on it! lol

    Pipsx (Snaggles)


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