Wednesday, 12 December 2007

My First Blog

Well I have lurked around a few blogs for a while and recently decided to give it a go.

Sooo here goes!!
(deep breath and relax, it can't be too difficult!)

Firstly a little about myself. I love all things beautiful and the more girly the better. Although I love frills and lace I also have a fondness for gorgeous simplicity too. I have many creative loves and have recently found another. Those of you out there like me will most likely understand what I am on about. Creative passions are addictive!

One of my absolute favourite blogs would have to be Heather Bailey's here

I have recently discovered a long hidden passion for vintage and antique sewing machines, in particular Singers. With this discovery I learnt about some amazing sewing machine attachments and wow! They really knew how to make things back in the old days. I can create lots of wonderful projects using vintage feet not available for todays machines.

I guess I should tell about the treadle I nearly bought, but glad I didn't. Not so long ago I found a very old husquvarna viking sewing machine in a cabinet in a second hand store half an hour away from me for only $50. After a quick inspection (at this point I knew absolutely nothing about antique sewing machines) I noted there were more than a couple of parts missing and it needed a great deal of restoration . I thought for a minute and figured that it wouldn't be too difficult to find parts. After realising how hard it was going to be to get home I decided that if it was still there in a week and I still wanted it, the machine was meant to be mine.
The first thing I did when I got home was go to google and search and search and search. Well needless to say I found basically no information on the treadle I wanted to buy. So no hope of finding parts easily. BUT I then discovered Singer sewing machines!!! Attachments, spare parts, manuals, all kinds of collectibles and did I mention attachments!! Oh what FUN! I am going mad over Singers!

So I will leave you there until next time


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  1. Hi!!! I don't know much about sewing machines, but I would love to learn about them and your passion for them.

    I too know the addictiveness of a creative passion through my many years as a guitar player.

    come check out my blog at

    and share your love for creativity and art, among many other things!

    (im new to this too!)

  2. I also enjoy sewing machines, mine is the WHITE sewing machine. My mom enjoys the BROTHER sewing machines. Around here there are lots of singers in the antique stores for a decent amount of money. I wanted to also say that I like your graphics! Are you enjoying the blogging world?

  3. Wow! Lovely comments already!

    I can see blogging may become addictive too!

  4. You are quick to apprehend blogging's most notable characteristic--you can't lay it down even when it starts driving you crazy!

    Good luck!


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