Friday, 14 December 2007

My Singers

I have well and truly caught the singer bug!

I started out with this 201K in a cabinet, which still has the original sticker on the front from the retailer.

And now I have a family of them, 201's that is, including a 99k and a 1917 lotus 66-1 treadle. Amazingly I have managed to get each of them up and running with a good clean, some oil and new belts.

Here is my 1917 66-1 treadle. I bought it just a week ago and it had not been used in many, many years. As you can see it has wear on the lotus decals and some minor rust spots. I gave her a good clean and some oil (see my post on cleaning old machines), replaced the belt, bobbin winder tyre and added a new cover plate. She now runs like a dream!

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  1. Oh wow... that's a beauty! I just love the antique Singers. I don't have any actual Singer machines, but figurines, images, even a metal print (kind of poster) advertising a 'first sewing lesson' on a Singer - you might enjoy these pics:


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