Thursday, 13 December 2007

My First Real Antique

After much research I found ebay to be a wonderful place to find antique sewing machines and accessories to go with them.

I found a great item called a puzzle-box. Well it just fascinated me as to how everything in it fitted and folded up.

Here are some photos.

Look at how well it is made. Not bad for something patented in 1889!

Look at all those accessories to fit the antique sewing machines. Hemmers, a ruffler(it makes gathers and pleats) a tucker (for making tucks of all sizes), a binder, underbraider and others.

Fortunately for me the seller sent a copy of the manual for how to use all the bits and pieces.

My only dilemma was that I had no machine to try them on.

Can you guess what my next purchase was???
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