Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Sew a Bookmark

This is a really easy bookmark to make and makes use of some of the fancy stitches on your sewing machine.
  1. Cut a length of denim approximately 6cm wide by 20-25cm long. I use the offcuts from shortening jeans, so these measurements sometimes vary.
  2. Thread your machine with thread and set to your chosen stitch. A type of satin stitch is best for outlining. Sew around all sides 1.5-2cm in from each side. Pivot at each corner to give a neat finish.
  3. Fray the edges around the bookmark by pulling the threads up to your stitched pattern. A pin is very useful to do this. Cut around the edges to make the frayed edges even.
  4. Select another stitch and sew a pattern in the center of your bookmark. Tie off loose ends, and glue or sew on some sequins.
More bookmarks for you to make.

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  1. Hi, this bookmark is fabulous! Thanks so much for the tutorial - I want to start making some now for Christmas gifts for next year - it will take me that long to get organised! Thanks for dropping by Hurrah, I love your blog too and will definately be back for a visit :D

  2. Hey, I like it! And as an avid reader I can never have too many bookmarks. When a spare moment arrives and I get to make one of these I'll send you a note.

    I stumbled across your blog today and am so glad you took the plunge - there can never be too many Aussie sewing blogs, and its good to share the knowlege, the inspiration and all the pretty pictures. Well done! I'll be stopping by here often.

  3. I can't wait to see your bookmarks!

    I will be posting photos of more bookmarks soon, with variations you can do.


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