Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Bookmark Swap at Crafts Beautiful

Crafts Beautiful Bookmark Swap Lazy Trout

I just received some mail today! In it was a bookmark from Lazy Trout. It is beautiful and has the Miracle of Friendship poem on the front.
It also has two surprises! 1) It is also a card and 2) the tag on the front slides to the side and underneath it is stamped! I love it in case you hadn't noticed!

Crafts Beautiful Bookmark Swap Lazy Trout

I sent mine in for the swap a couple of weeks ago and now I can show you what I made for it.
I am not sure who has received it yet, but I hope they like it.
Crafts Beautiful Bookmark swap Sewdelish

I used some pink card and sage green striped scrapbooking paper from my stash. (I am still trying to stick to my New Years Action Plan Challenge I set for myself) Then I scanned some pretty fabric and printed it for the front. I did some paper pricking on my sewing machine around the outside, then added some pretty ribbons and a couple of cute butterflies.
It was the first time for me participating in a swap, so once I got past the nerves and uncertainty of what was expected I actually enjoyed myself.
What do you think?

Crafts Beautiful Bookmark swap Sewdelish

I am now getting ready for the next swap - animals and/or sweets theme. YUM! I suppose you can't guess which theme I 'm going to choose?
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  1. I think they're both beautiful!

    I love you pin pricking - what a good idea to use the machine..

  2. Your bookmark looks so pretty. I just love the design lent by your sewing machine. The colors are perfect for spring too - very cheery.

  3. I just saw your bookmark and can tell you the recipient was delighted ... and no wonder!

  4. Thanks ladies. I just found out myself that Lazy trout received mine! So it was a straight swap. How good is that?


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