Thursday, 13 March 2008

Sewing Pet Bed Covers with Waterproofing

I have been sewing up some more covers for my little chihuahua's pillow beds. I have made them pillowcase style with a waterproof and toweling layer for added comfort and protection. At 12 years of age she has the occasional wee problem now, so waterproof covers that I can change are better than putting on doggie nappies! I just layer the outer cover fabrics, plastic and toweling and treat them as one.

Pet Bed cushion cover waterproof pillow

I made a few covers plain like this one...

Pet Bed Pillow Cover Cushion

Then I decided to add sides to the edges of one of the covers and lets just say it was such a big hit that my little chi was more interested in getting straight to sleep rather than posing for a photo! I had to turn the whole bed around to try and get a cute photo! LOL
Pet Bed Pillow Cover Cushion with sides
Pet Bed Pillow Cover Cushion with sides
Pet Bed Pillow Cover Cushion with sides

I made the sides by making a long tube of fabric and stitched it to the cover before filling with stuffing. I then stitched the ends closed by hand. There is slightly less stuffing at the corners to allow them to sit better. I didn't bother with pattern matching when I cut these out and it wasn't until after I took these photos that I realized that the fabric patterns almost match perfectly!

If you have made any of these I would love to see your photos!
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  1. Wow that's fabulous. I don't think I'd be able to make anything that good. (If I did make one, I don't think the cat would appreciate it as much as I would want him too!)

  2. I had to send the site to my sister; she needs to make one of these for her Lucy...not that is spoiled her or anything ;-)

  3. How fabby for your little pooch ... do you make them 'MaxSize' LOL!:)

  4. What a comfy looking bed for your pooch. Well done! I wouldn't know where to start with a project like this.
    Ciao, Elena :)

  5. Oh wow they are fantastic, and your little dog obviously loves it for a princess for sure.

    Jane x

  6. Thank you all for your lovely comments. You can't tell my chihuahua is spoiled can you??? LOL

  7. Fantastic idea! Love the fabrics and the pillow at the top. Lucky doggie ! x

  8. wow.....this is awesome. I have been searching for ages for a nice doggie bed for my two Jack Russells and now I am going to make them for each. Then I will attempt making another two for my 2 German Shepherds....better get started....will post pics when they are finished :-)


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