Saturday, 29 March 2008

Mushroom Pins and Pincushion

Mushroom pins Scupley Fimo pincushion craft project sewing

I discovered this tutorial yesterday and I just had to have a go. My air drying clay, was a little to hard and dry to use so I improvised and used Sculpey instead. I am not sure if air drying clay can be rejuvenated if it has not completely dried. I might test it to see if it can be used if I add some water to it. If any of you have any prior experience with this I would love to hear about it. I am sure others would like to know too.

Mushroom pins craft Sculpey Fimo sewing project mushrooms pincushions

Anyway, back to the topic, I made the mushroom pincushion a while back and thought that it would look cute with the mushroom pins displayed in it. I have made a number of these pincushions in all fabrics and patterns. My favourites are the spotted and gingham fabrics.

Sculpey Mushroom pins pincushion sewing craft project fimo

The pins are 35mm long. Instead of painting the clay I just used coloured Sculpey. I am sure it was far more time consuming this way, but at least I could start displaying them as soon as they were cool enough to touch, after baking. A word of caution - the pins get very HOT! (ask me how I know!)LOL

DD made a few things for the fairies when they come visiting - mushroom chairs (without pins), a tea set and a fairy pizza only 3cm wide.!

Fairy tea set pizza Sculpey Fimo craft project kids

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  1. Oh wow ... love it! All those dinky little toadstool pins are fab!
    LOL ... think I can guess how you know the pins get hot. Hope the fingers aren't too sore LOL!

  2. Hi, absolutely love your toadstools! doing something toadstooly myself at the moment - have a peek at my blog. Did you have to use special longer pins? mighrt have a go.

  3. Oh how cute! Your mushrooms pins look perfect in the huge mushroom pincushion.

  4. Oh, the mushroom pins are adorable. I think I like your version better.


  5. They are just so cute! I have never thought of doing things like that. Maybe when i get the fimo out again I will give it ago! - and also thanks for the heads up on the pins getting hot LOL ;o)

  6. Very funny Max. LOL

    Anglesey, love your toadstools, can't wait to see what you do with them. I used 35mm long pins. Thanks for the reminder, I have added it to the post now

    Thanks Marie, We have lots of mushroom pincushions!

    Oooh that is so kind of you Jessica! Yours inspired mine!

    Lazy trout I keep referring to the Sculpey as Fimo as that is what I used as a child. Ahhh memories!


  7. I love your mushroom pins, they look fabulous!

  8. Just to let you know my Blog Candy arrived safely yesterday. Have blogged it ... :)... and just wanted to thank you again.

  9. I have a tea pot that I made that is almost identical to the one you have pictured. I wasn't brave enough to make matching cups and saucers though.

  10. Thanks so much for visiting my blog :-)

    I love your mushroom pins - they are soooo cute!

    Cambiel (Chris) x

  11. How creative! Love the little pin covers .. terrific idea.

    I happened upon your site looking for ideas for geocache containers in the wild, and you have provided much inspiration. If you ever decide to make geocaching items, I'm thinking geocachers would beat a path to your doorstep with cache ..oops! cash in hand.


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