Monday, 24 March 2008

Green Challenge

Cottage Magpie has set a green challenge this time. So here are my green photos.
Our Siamese fighting fish, Ben, in his tank on our green walls.
The water is very clear but the reflection from the
wall and the gravel make it look green!
Mr Bump lives in there too.
Ben sleeps under his arm at night!
green challenge siamese fighting fish tank

A nest of eggs the Easter Bunny left on Sunday.
I think I forgot to mention that the Easter Bunny
left some very suspicious looking chocolate buttons
over the floor in several places around the house!
What a naughty bunny!

Easter eggs nest green

My sage green and cream sewing boxes.
Sage green is popular in this house at the moment. You
can just see the striped green curtains in the background.
Sewing boxes

Where would a sewing box be without thread?
These are some vintage wooden threads I bought on
ebay last year. A number of them haven't even been used!
You can just see some new green spools in the
background there on the right.
Vintages wooden sewing cotton thread reels

Coming up last there is the doll's house in green.
It was painted to match the walls, in our house
making it a little less obvious in the room.
It will no doubt receive another coat of
paint sometime in the future.
Doll's house dolls

Well that is it for the green photos for now. My camera's batteries are recharging, but I wanted to get this post up before the deadline.
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  1. Love all your photos ... what a fabby display of 'greens' ... I love your sewing boxes. Very lush.

  2. Your sewing boxes are beautiful. A pleasure to browse your wonderful greens.

  3. Love that fish bowl. Very cool!

    I enjoyed all of the entries in Cottage Magpie's Green Roundup so much that I'm adding a post to my blog about it too.

  4. I like your dollhouse! What a great idea to paint it green!

  5. I had a fighter fish ... he was called mr.mermaid hehe!


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