Sunday, 9 March 2008

The Handmade Pledge

Well I finally took the Handmade Pledge today. Yes, I know, a little late for the Christmas holidays just gone, but at least I am getting in early for this Christmas (only 9 & 1/2 months away) and a few birthdays too! LOL

Many of the gifts I give generally have some handmade component to them. Handmade items are made with such love and dedication compared to mass produced products, so if you can, buy or make your own gifts. It is much better for the environment and your wallet too!

If you want to take the pledge, just click on the image above or the one in my sidebar and it will take you to the Handmade pledge site. You can then add a badge to your blog too!
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  1. hi thanks for dropping by, your blog is gorgeous and I must enter that comp of yours but at the moment I would have absolutely no idea of the answer!!!! :O
    off to check out more of your blog!

  2. Thanks Linda.
    I hope that my changing things around while you've been here has not been too much of a problem.

  3. Love the idea of the pledge ... am off to investigate. Thanks for the link.


  4. lovely blog. so glad you're promoting the pledge too. glad i found you!


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