Saturday, 8 March 2008

Crafty Contest Update

Just a quick update on the guessing contest for you all.

I will tell you that..........

Crafts Box Guessing Contest Competition

No-one has guessed the exact number of items yet, BUT........

There are 2 people who have guessed close to it, and NO I am not going to say who! (Just in case you were wondering!) hehehe

At the closing of the competition in the event that there are two guesses the same number away from the actual answer, the winner will be the one who's entry was received first and I will make up a special consolation prize for the other person!

HINT: The printable noodle boxes in yesterdays post are much smaller than the purchased one in the contest.

If you have not placed your entry yet go to the contest entry link just above the photo here. It ends on March 14th 2008, so there is still time.
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